VERTE SANTE was founded with a vision to leverage our experience expertise and ecosystem to create and accelerate opportunities for companies brands and entrepreneurs to capitalize and execute on global opportunities in impact sustainability and wellness.


VERTE SANTE contributes operating expertise to enhance value with its team of skilled advisors from an array of related and complimentary industries, rounding out management teams to create fully operational leading teams.


VERTE SANTE leverages its portfolio level approach to mitigate risk, enhance strategic planning, and accelerate growth for all companies we partner with looking at both short and long term sustainable growth opportunities.


VERTE SANTE is committed to empowering businesses to become champions of impact, sustainability, and leaders of positive systemic change. By collaborating with VSVP, purpose-driven organizations benefit from experience, expertise, and industry connections, providing a competitive edge in highly dynamic social enterprise.

VSVP offers strategic business services to global organizations that focus on sustainability and creating a positive impact in the world. Our expertise lies in helping organizations develop and implement strategies that align with sustainable development goals (SDGs) and ESG goals that drive measurable  social and environmental change.

We believe that integrating sustainability into business practices is not only ethical but also a strategic imperative in today's evolving business market, transforming traditional  Wall Street expectations that “doing good” and “doing well” can be compatible.

Our Advisory Team analyzes current business plans, operations, ways of working, category positioning + competition, and market risk / opportunity factors then provides services to accelerate growth at key stages of the product’s and business’s lifecycle. Advisory Packages incorporate viewing all facets of business through the Verte Sante ‘Lens’: Corporate Strategy, Coaching, Supply Chain Transformation, Organic and / or Regenerative Sourcing, Sales Operations Planning, Marketing Review, Financial Services (Corporate + Investment Financial Preparation, Sales Finance Support, and more), Distributor Management, Innovation, R&D, and Production Services.

Our Corporate Strategy and Operational Development Team plays a key role in the overarching business needs including leading the Finance Team and the Sales & Marketing Strategy Team in their business reviews — ensuring topline business growth strategy is the ‘North Star’ of all operational recommendations.

Our Supply Chain Transformation team brings experience and expertise in the full vertical reach of Impact-Focused brands. Our team has led towards innovative solutions across many business segments:

  • Organic Textile Sourcing
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • The Blue Economy
    • Conserving marine and freshwater environments while using them in a sustainable way to develop economic growth and produce resources such as energy and food.
  • The Green Economy
    • Reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities and aiming for sustainable development without degrading the environment.
  • Wellness’ Consumer-Focused Retail
  • Premium Food & Beverage Emerging Brands
  • And many more…

Our Finance Team offers customized packages including but not limited to the following:

  • Communicate Company Vision through aligned Financial Models
  • Revenue & Gross Margin Unit Economics
  • Forecasting with Adjustable Assumptions/Inputs
  • Valuation & Investor ROI
  • Balance Sheet, Sources & Uses of Funds, and Cap Table Modeling

Our Sales & Marketing Strategy Team leads the client through Discovery, Alignment, and Acceleration:

  • Discovery Identifies challenges and opportunities within the current business strategy, operational model and/or marketing strategy through a process of deconstruction/construction.
  • Alignment Reviews and adjusts plans and recommendations found from Discovery deep dive evaluations. Works with Client Team to identify an action plan.
  • Acceleration Implement and execute the new revised business strategies.


Strategy Coaching and Industry Education | Transparent / Data Mapped Supply Chains | Sales Strategy & Distribution | Financial Preparation | Logistics Fulfillment & Production Management



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