VERTE SANTE VENTURE PARTNERS (VSVP) is a team of highly skilled C-Suite Executives and Strategic Advisors who specialize in empowering purpose driven organizations to unlock their untapped potential.

OUR MISSION is to to partner with impact driven companies and entrepreneurs by joining them in the ‘trenches’, focusing on socially responsible impact, and empowering profitable and sustainable growth solutions.

The Verte Sante Team includes seasoned C-Suite executives and functional specialists focused on bringing sustainability strategy down from the clouds and into actionable insights and tactics. VSVP marries impact efforts with business needs thereby accelerating revenue, uncovering efficiencies, and connecting long-term strategy to near-term tactical execution for companies in all phases of operation. Our focus and strength is on companies with an appetite for digging in and unlocking untapped opportunities, whether pre-revenue or Fortune 100.

Our team of specialists collaborate with our client companies and partner entrepreneurs to unify strategy and connect dreams and aspirations to actionable steps to achieve successful outcomes.

VERTE SANTE brings impact and ESG industry expertise, coupled with mature business acumen, to bear on all partner opportunities.

VERTE SANTE’S skillset in impact and sustainable products & business models, multi-national consumer, food and beverage brands, regenerative agriculture, and financial ventures supplements and fortifies existing management teams.



Learn more about our current portfolio of partners, our operations, our team members, and our structure by contacting us today!